Welcome to Mini Me Time


Mini Me provides child centred activities specifically for 0-5’s. We work in conjunction with the local community, children's centres and schools to ensure that we work toward the five ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes.  


We are fully committed in providing quality services. Mini Me classes have been carefully developed and are child led. Our classes are individually prepared and structured, focussing on the needs and enjoyment of the children and parents that attend.


We feel that it is essential that all activities include the elements required to foster close parent and child attachment including eye contact, smiling, touch, sound and positive interaction.


The early years of a child's life, the closeness between parent and child has proven to have life long benefits and we are privileged to be able to contribute in some way to help parents and children get to know each other throughout their formative months and years.


"I can't recommend Mini Me highly enough. For any new mum, life is not only utterly amazing but quite daunting...as you're suddenly propelled into a brand new chapter. The opportunity to be involved in the many classes and social groups has given me and my daughter such fun and confidence, as well as meeting some lovely mummies & babies along the way!" – Lisa Coleman & Callie


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