Mini Mess

mini-mess-imagetower1.pngMini Mess
Mini Mess is our Summer Programme that takes place over the school holidays in July and August each year. All children learn through play. Messy play is a fun and interesting way for children to explore and learn about the world around them.

There are many reasons why messy play can help children learn. It helps children become more independent. Children take part in an activity that they create. They are able to decide how they want to play and can use the materials in the way that they choose. This builds confidence because the child is in control.

It helps develop movement, co-ordination and control. Mini Mess sessions are structured to allow play that gives children the opportunity to explore materials using their hands, arms, feet and bodies.

Sessions are an hour and a half combining different activities such as Mini Groovers & Movers music time, messy play specifically designed for little ones (so no gluing or sticking involved), free playtime, signing songs, story time and refreshments.

There is a session just for infants, this is specifically for pre-walking little ones.
There is a separate session for little ones already walking up pre-school age, older and younger siblings are welcome at this session.

Each session begins with a Mini Groovers & Movers session before moving on to the messy play activity which differs each week:

Week 1 is Paint
Week 2 is Soap
Week 3 is Flour
Week 4 is Rainbow (rice, spaghetti, jelly...)

There will then be some free playtime when refreshments will be served. The infant session will finish with learning some signing songs and the todder/family session will finish with story time and of course both sessions will have bubbles!!

Sessions can be very very messy, so please ensure that both you and your little one(s) have clothes on that you don’t mind getting in a bit of a state (although, generally the little ones are down to nappies etc)

Bookings for these summer only sessions start at the beginning of June each year.