Mini Groovers & Movers

Mini Groovers & Mini Movers

An entertaining movement to music class for both babies and parents promoting positive touch, developmental play and overall - having fun together.

Research shows that movement and music helps develop children's co-ordination, emotional, social and mental development and promotes creativity. Mini Groovers & Mini Movers encourages children to use their senses through singing, playing simple games and doing exercises in time to the rhythm of songs.

Classes give parents the opportunity to support their infants cognitive, emotional, social, language and physical development.

Classes promote:
Developing confidence
Building self esteem
Boosting language skills
Increased balance and co-ordination
Making new friends!

What to expect

Mini Groovers classes are open to babies from 12 weeks to pre-walking.
Mini Movers classes are open to children from walking to pre-school

Both Mini Groovers and Mini Movers classes have 4 stages:

1. Warm Up – simple movement exercises
2. Active exercises – bending, stretching, bouncing, use of ribbon wands, puppets, parachute and much more!
3. Floor exercises & Percussion – tambourines, shakers, bells, castanets
4. Relaxation – slower tempo, bubbles, stickers

Classes last around 40 mins, which includes refreshments at the end of the class and time for parents to have a chat and for everyone to (children and grown ups alike) get to know each other.